To Qualify For the $100 (minimum – it could be higher!) Trade-In Guarantee:

  • The computer should be 5 years old or newer
  • It should be in generally good working order (it can be slow or have viruses or software issues)
  • Physical condition should be B+ or better (no major dents or scratches)
  • Include the power cord (subtract $20 for missing power cord)
  • The original purchase price should have been $500 or more (I don’t sell bargain basement computers.  If it was cheap when you got it, it’s not worth much now.)

NOTE:  Trade-In value isn’t 100% set in stone.  You’ll get a higher trade-in value if you’re trading in for a more expensive computer.  Trade-In value is NOT the same as cash value.  If you want me to buy the computer outright, it’s generally about 50% of its trade-in value.


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