Coronavirus Changes

The health and safety of my clients is my #1 concern. It is our responsibility as a community to slow down the spread of this virus in order to protect those most vulnerable (the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions). Because of this, I will no longer be meeting in-person with my clients. I will however accept drop-offs. Once I run the diagnosis I will contact you via phone to go over the different options for repair.

This may sound extreme, but we don’t know how this virus will play out. I’d rather be accused of being too cautious than not being cautious enough. There’s no need for panic, but we do need to take steps to minimize person-to-person interaction.

I love spending time with my clients but it’s just not possible with the current outbreak. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

Stay healthy everyone,

Coronavirus Protocol

Based on information provided by both the WHO and the CDC, I have developed my own Coronavirus protocol. This protocol includes the following provisions:

  • There will be NO contact of any kind between my clients and I. I have developed a safe and effective drop-off protocol to ensure we never physically come in contact. All communication will be done via phone and/or video conferencing apps such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Each client’s computer will be worked on individually so there is no cross-contamination between one client’s computer and another.
  • I will be wearing sterile gloves at ALL TIMES when handling and working on your computer. I will dispose of these gloves after I’m done working on your computer and put on a new pair to work on the next computer.
  • I will clean my repair table between each computer using hospital-grade disinfectant. You will be called to pick up your computer immediately after the repair is complete.
  • Effective immediately I am reducing my client workload to help accommodate this protocol.
  • The pickup protocol will be similar to the drop-off protocol – we will have no physical contact. Payment MUST be made by either credit or debit card over the phone before pickup. I will NOT accept cash or check as payment as this requires us to have physical contact. For the duration of this outbreak, the normal 3% credit card fee will be waived.

Following this protocol will substantially reduce the risk to both myself and my clients. I have been self isolated for quite a while now (even before the outbreak began). I work from home and have everything delivered. According to the CDC, the primary method of infection is person-to-person transmission.

While it is technically possible to be infected if someone coughs or sneezes on an object and then you touch it and then touch your face, only a very small percentage of infections happen this way (less than 0.01%). I will also be wearing gloves and sanitizing my work area between each computer (changing my gloves between computers), so the chances of getting the virus by having me work on your computer is practically zero.

I have a dedicated area to work on computers and will wash my hands every time I leave the work area (even though I’ll be wearing gloves, I’m being extra cautious here). I have family members with pre-existing medical conditions so it’s very important for me to be extremely careful when handling your computer.

We will get through this together, but people have to take this extremely seriously. You or I probably won’t die from this, but there are many vulnerable individuals out there. I have some clients in their 80’s and 90’s, and almost everyone knows someone with pre-existing medical conditions. Think of your own family and everyone else out there who’s vulnerable or has family members that are vulnerable. If my coronavirus protocol saves even one life, then it’s worth the inconvenience.