Reviews & Testimonials

I have many satisfied clients. Feel free to read the testimonials below, and write your own testimonial if you’ve ever bought a computer from me or had work done by me. I love getting feedback from my loyal clients. My goal is 100% client satisfaction, so if your experience with me was not positive or if you have ANY problems, please contact me before leaving negative feedback.

Austin is a great, no BS computer guy. He gets the job done fast and educates you throughout the process. I’ve been to him several times and without fail, I leave there with more knowledge than when I came in. His good advice has saved me thousands of $$$ over the years. And every computer he touches becomes perfect like magic. I don’t know how he does it and frankly I don’t care. But I won’t go anywhere else for computer repair.


I have now brought in 3 very slow running laptops that were 4 to 6 years old with major issues. Austin has been able to repair and update all 3 laptops, plus with the changes, they will be good for another 4 to 6 years! He’s very thorough in diagnosing, repairing and explaining what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. Along with giving you options and the total cost upfront so no surprises. Turn around time is amazing and will work with your schedule. I would highly recommend.


My computer was only a year old and it had serious problems. The hard drive was shot, there was a line running through the screen, the hinges were loose, and the CD drive stopped working. I brought it to Austin and he said it wasn’t worth putting the money into it because it was such a low quality computer. Thankfully he had a very nice business class laptop and offered to trade it in for me. He said that the laptop he wanted to sell me was much higher quality than the ones you get in Best Buy or Walmart.

That was two years ago and this laptop is still running strong! At first I didn’t like it. It’s not the best looking computer I’ve ever seen. But honestly, I’d rather have this nice business laptop that actually lasts than the piece of junk I had before. He included free anti virus software with it and I’ve never had any problems with viruses. What’s best of all is this laptop cost less than half of what the old one I had originally cost. When this thing finally dies, I’m definitely buying my next computer from Austin. But I don’t think it’s going to die anytime soon. It works great.


If you want fast service at an affordable price, then call Austin right now! He had my laptop back to me on the same day. I dropped it off at 10:00am in the morning and was able to pick it up at around 3:00pm later that day. Now that’s fast! Speaking of fast, I had him do a tune up and now the computer is faster than I could have ever hoped for. $69 to tune up the computer is absolutely nothing compared to all the aggravation with trying to use a slow bogged down computer. I just wish I had done it sooner.


My computer was so fricking slow! It would take 5+ minutes to start up and I’d just sit there waiting and waiting for my emails to come up (among other things). I took it to Austin and he found over 3,000 viruses on it! He removed the viruses and did a tuneup and now the thing is super fast! It starts in under 1 minute and pages come up almost instantly. I think it’s faster now than it was when it was new! I can’t thank Austin enough. I had lived with a slow computer for so long. I’m honestly in disbelief how the computer could be so fast now. I thought it was just old. But now its fast and I’m more than happy. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll bring my other computer in. It’s slow too.


This guy couldn’t be any more awesome. My computer was in terrible shape and wouldn’t even turn on. It ended up needing the hard drive and a few other things replaced. I figured I’d drop it off and get it back in two weeks. But Austin says he tries to get the computers done in 24 hours or less! And that’s exactly what he did.

I dropped the computer off at 4:00pm and picked it up at 7:00pm on the same day! I’m VERY satisfied with the speed of his service. And on top of that the computer is super fast now and it didn’t even cost that much even though I had to replace parts! I can’t recommend Austin highly enough. He knows what he’s doing and gets the job done quickly while keeping you updated through out the entire process. Definitely recommended!


I choose Austin as opposed to a very expensive, highly recognizable company. He was very prompt and affordable. He does know his stuff, I am going to buy a laptop from him for my girlfriend. I will be using him again.


I found Austin’s website about six months ago but I could never afford to get my computer fixed. I’m on disability and have very little extra money. But one day I got on and found out he had a special going on so I brought it in. In less than one hour, he had my computer about 10 times faster than when I brought it in to him.

Needless to say I was impressed. But he wasn’t done yet. By the time he was done with my computer, it was just as fast as a new computer. With the special I walked out spending less than $100 and had a computer that was so fast, I couldn’t believe it. I highly recommend Austin if you have a slow computer and want it to be fast again.


2 weeks before school started, my trusty PC refused to turn on. All I wanted from my computer was my hard drive with priceless photos (I had some backed up, but not all). I took the PC to a self-proclaimed expert who I expected to do a good job, but ended up damaging the hard drive further (Be careful who you trust handling your computer everyone). This guy told me it was hopeless and that nobody could fix the hard-drive because it was too damaged.

I refused to give up and searched craigslist for a second opinion. I found Austin, thank goodness. I was so upset about possibly losing baby pictures forever, that I was thankful to get any reassurance. Right away he assured me that no matter how damaged, he would still give it a try…and he did. I had to pay a flat fee and then extra for the hours he sat with tiny tools trying to physically fix the components of the motherboard. Now that’s service! That’s what I like about Austin-he goes above and beyond. He will even explain to you step-by-step what he is doing and why. He will also tell you things to avoid and how you can fix problems yourself. Best of all..the equipment he has is top of the line and what it would have cost to send in elsewhere would have been upwards of 4K.

I spent less than $300 to not only get all my files, photos, and music back but get the computer running again and acquire some great techy knowledge along the way. I really can’t thank you enough Austin!!!!! P.S. I was told that the shape my hard-drive was in…it may as well have been in a fire. In fact, it might have been easier to fix had it been in a fire. Sorry you had to go through that Austin, but you really made my whole family and I very very happy. My dad’s buying his next computer from you.


I am leaving this almost a year after getting help from Austin. He was able to salvage my computer for a fraction of what I was going to pay at another place. My computer is still running great. I was a bit skeptical of some of the things but I was completely wrong and after a year I am still so impressed. Thanks Austin!


My hard drive died and I was told there was no way to get the data without sending it into a recovery center and paying upwards of $2,000. I decided to get a second opinion. I took it to Austin and he told me that the situation was indeed bad but that he offered data recovery services for significantly less than those specialized data recovery centers.

He charged me $100 to try to recovery my pictures. I’m a photo junkie so I had probably 30,000 pictures on my computer – all lost thanks to this hard drive crash! So anyway he had the hard drive for about 5 days then told me he was able to get most of my pictures! I got a grand total of 29,822 pictures back out of 30,266! For a mere $150 (he charges more if he’s actually able to recover the data) I got almost all my pictures back! I’m sooooooooooooo happy!!! Thankfully I didn’t have to learn my lesson to remember to back up the hard way. I can’t thank you enough Austin. You have no idea how much those pictures mean to me.


The place where my laptop plugs in broke off inside. I called up three different repair shops and was quoted outrageous rates of $300+ to replace the motherboard. I was devastated. I’m a single mom with two little ones at home. There was no way I could afford that. So I started looking for a used computer online and I came across this website. I called up Austin and he told me the problem was easily fixable. He replaced just the jack for $129 and the computer works great even to this day!

For less than HALF of what all the other places I called charged I was able to get my computer back running in perfect shape. After the computer was fixed I had a few questions about my email and pictures and Austin spent some time with me teaching me some new tricks. He’s not just out to ream people out of their hard earned cash. He genuinely enjoys his work and likes helping people. I wish there were more people like Austin around. I truly like the guy and will gladly come to him the next time I have computer problems.


We found Austin on Craigslist under computer services. There were two reasons we went with his service. One, he was on our side of town, and two because of his credentials. We had an ACER laptop that had a slow hard drive and he recommended it be replaced after seeing how many hours were on it. (1300 hours brand new from QVC, buyer beware!) He put in a new hard drive and “cleaned it up”. It works great now! Reasonably priced for his credentials and a knowledgeable techy. Only recommendation we made to him was to put his credentials in plaques and hang them on his office wall for all to see! Thanks Austin, we’ll be back!

Dan & Kristie

I hired a man to fix my very sick computer. Unfortunately he did not have a clue to what he was doing. He made it much worse. I found Austin on the web, called and voila, my computer is working at least as well as when it was brand new. He is indeed a guru. I would recommend him to anyone.


Called @ 10 pm on a friday night, was MORE than willing to help me out, looked up some parts and figured out it would be cheaper to buy a new computer. HE will not take advantage of you. EXTREMELY helpful


He charged a bit much for the computer I got, but I’ve had it for over a year now and have had no problems! It was definitely worth it to pay a bit more and get one of Austin’s computers. It was only like $20 more than other computers that I found on Craigslist, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m very glad that he was able to find a computer that suited my needs for a reasonable price.


Just spoke with this man on the phone and he gave me GREAT information on getting a usb sound card (cost about $15) instead of trying to fix my output audio jack (which can cost +200) on my laptop. This I know because I also spoke with Geek Squad and that is the price range they gave me. It amazes me that he was willing to share this information free of charge without trying to get me into fixing the audio output jack; something that could’ve cost me hundreds. ? Sometimes you can see someone’s real character in the small things.